Pampering at Melfort Pier and Harbour


Deluxe Package

Hijack your husband...

de-stress him with love and tranquillity... while sipping wine on your patio

Worship your wife...

let her relax, sleep in and unwind in the spa bath

Pamper your partner...

in the sauna, or sit in front of your log fire with a cup of hot soup

You can do all these things at Melfort Pier and Harbour - the ultimate in comfortable self-catering.

If you wanted a recipe for relaxation we have it - sea, sunsets, sand, sauna, smiles, silence, sailing, service, scrabble, spa bath, sanctuary, swimming, snuggling, satisfaction. Perfect for weekend breaks or longer stays at any time of year.

If you want time out from cooking, there are several good places to eat in the surrounding area.

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